Google …No need to explain it. From a child to old age, everybody knows google and it’s products. Google More is used by everyone directly or indirectly. Nowadays we can say that Google is our 4th basic need rather we can say it is getting the first position in human’s basic needs.
A Real Geek can live without food for some time but it is just impossible without Google.
Just think that, Do you know all things about google? Do you know all the products of google?

Don’t worry guys…Today we are going to tell google’s more useful products that will always help you. In general every day, we use many google products like:

Google Products

These are frequently used products. And obviously, they are very important.

Now we move towards Google’s other useful products.




Google Docs

I think everybody had faced this situation that you have to make urgent doc file or sheet or slides may be. And at that time if you don’t have your own PC or laptop.Unfortunately, you have to work on an unknown PC which doesn’t have MS Office (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD). This is a very bad situation when you don’t have that much time to install MS office or any other document editor.

So guys Don’t panic Google gave us a nice solution for such situations. That is Google Docs. Yes, Google has offered these facilities within its google drive service. You can make any type of Document, Presentation, Excel sheet etc. anytime, anywhere and on any PC without MS office.

For more Information Visit: Google Docs



Google Books

If we want any book then what we do?

First Check it with your friends if not then go to the library. Then also if you don’t get then we search it on the internet.But all we know there are so many books on the internet with different authors and different publications.

As my point of view, it is too hard it to search that particular book.But guys now I got something very easy to find a book that is google Books.Yes, it is the only way I think we can find any book easily.It also gives book reviews and ratings.

For more information visit: Google Books



Google Keep

What happens when you miss your meeting or important live show or webinar like anything? Just because you are busy on the internet and you just forget about it.Usually, we tell our friends to remember but they are also human, They may also forget.

I think these things make you very angry.To overcome this angriness google has the best solution.

Google Keep. Just make it extension in your browser and use where you want.You can make a note on any web page which will remind you about your note.

For more information visit: Google Keep




Google Duo

Everyone had video calling experience.First-time the user always gets some difficulties while handling different applications.Sometimes we find more complexities in video calling Apps.

But Now Google has its own Video calling App Google DUO.It is very easy to use than other video calling apps.First-time users can also feel comfortable.

Simple one-tap calling and super smooth switching from cell to WiFi make it easy to check in from anywhere.

See what can you do with it: GoogleDuo




Google Education

Education in our class isn’t so boring.Do you want to make it enjoyable and more creative? If you say yes, then must use Google for education.This product is most useful for both teachers as well as students.

Anyone can sign up as a teacher for teaching and make their own classroom. And you can sign up as a student also if you want to learn more.

Google Classroom is mission control, designed for teachers and students to connect the class, track their progress and achieve more together.

To get more information visit: Google Education




Google My Business

Google my Business is a multiplatform service promotion of commercial activities offered by google.Google My Business complements Google Search with Google Maps and Google+, as a research tool, selection, promotion, information, review of activity Professional.

In short, Google my Business get your business info to appear on Google Search and Maps.You can track your ratings over time, Learn about your customers and how they’re interacting with your business.

You can improve your business easily with this product.

For More information visit: Google My Business

 So guys do you like these products? These are just a few products from google.
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