Every new online store must have few things to boost their E-commerce Conversion Rate. Building a new e-commerce store is not one only way to make your brand popular. Online store making is the first step towards your e-commerce business.

Let’s study few basics for better conversion rate.

  1. Basics of E-commerce Conversion Rate Optimization
  2. Conversion rate
  3. 10 tips for better conversion rate

Basics of E-commerce Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO):

In general, E-commerce Conversion Rate optimization is nothing but analyzing data, statistics, insights which helps to improve the performance of your store. Conversion rate optimization is not a method of chances or luck. It is a process of Diagnosis, Hypothesis, Testing, and consistency. Consistency should be primary aspect while working with CRO.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) can be conducted on landing pages, category pages, or any other customer touchpoint.

Why Top Priority to CRO?

  • It draws your costumers free of cost as Google AdWords need to spend money on advertising.
  • Don’t need to strive hard to compete customers. Only have to perform better than them.
  • Increase conversion rate without extra spending.
  • No scope of loss. You can try it without hassles.

E-commerce Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate:

Conversion is just earning from your sales. as online stores have lots of visitors but few of them make customers so that customers are nothing but conversion. Let’s see how we can define Conversion rate.

Conversion Rate- “Percentage of visitors landed on your store and make their desired actions successfully”. While talking about e-commerce conversion rate the desired action will be any type of purchase done in your online store.

E-commerce Conversion Rate

A good conversion rate to strive for is better than the one you have right now. It doesn’t matter whether it is 1% or 2%. It should always better than previous one.

Conversion rate depends on so many things. Willingly or unwillingly conversion rate may be get affected.Ecommerce Conversion Rate





Average Ecommerce Conversion Rate is 1% – 2%. If you are doing all things correctly, you can achieve around 2% of conversion rate. So 2%+ conversion rate should be the goal for your online store.

10 tips for better conversion rate:

If you have a new online store then you have to follow tips for better conversions.

E-commerce Conversion Rate

Let’s divide following tips in two varients Basic and Important

5 Basic Things for better E-commerce Conversion Rate:

1. Easy to use GUI:

The online store should be only simple GUI with attractive product images. Customer prefers to those stores which are easy to handle. GUI should be attractive that should keep customers for a long time.

All categories should not create confusion to customers. They should be handy. Customers can get their product easily. If the store contains lots of categories which confuse the customer then that may loss of conversion rate.

2. High-Quality Product Images:

In the online store, the customer can’t directly touch products, so high-quality products images will be effective for the customer’s attention. There will be many online stores for a single product so how should customer believe that your product is best? Your product images are the only one way which can insist customers to purchase it.

Show the products from different angles, in context, make them zoomable. This strategy is basic but the most important for better conversion rate.

3. Adjust Prices:

If your store is selling some particular brand which is also available on another store then give something different offers or prices which will create more attention of the customer. Adjust pricing doesn’t mean that lowering the price just adjust them as the customer feel less price product.

4. Review Products:

As customers purchase products, let them review products or let them give ratings. This will definitely increase your conversion rate. New visitors to our store can be get attracted due to reviews and product ratings. Reviews directly show the quality of products.

Not only customers but also store owner can also make changes according to the customer’s reviews and ratings.

5. Live Chat Service:

When visitors are in the store, they may have several doubts about products. If that doubts cannot be resolved, visitors cannot get converted into customers. They can’t complete the actions. To clear that doubts we can provide the live chat service. Live chat service give them assurance of product quality and another doubt.

Make sure that doubts may be cleared before visitors leaving the store.

These are basic things which are necessary to the new online store for better conversion rate.

Now following are next 5 things which can be added for conversion rate up to 2%.

5 Important Things for better Conversion rate up to 2%

6. Safe Store:

Customers are always looking for a safe transaction. Make sure that your store is secure with all facilities. Customers should not hesitate on your store. All transactions, products should feel secure to customers.

E-commerce Conversion Rate



Provide SSL certification to your store for better security reasons. SSL give privacy to the customer. SSL uses a combination of symmetric and asymmetric encryption to ensure message privacy.





7. More Payment methods:

E-commerce Conversion Rate

As every customer cannot make the transaction with the same payment method. So give them different options to make payment. Some time due to this payment options customers cannot make payment. And our stores’ conversion rate get decreased.

Offer more payment options with high security. so that customer believes in the transaction and makes successful payment.

8. Easy Return Policy:

Easy return policy gives confirmation to the customers for making transaction. Do not try to bind customers by insisting them to buy the product. Give them easy return policy. so that they will come back to your store.

E-commerce Conversion Rate



If customers do return an item and there’s really no other way around it then be cheerful and friendly about it. Process the return immediately and ask for a testimonial about their experience.

This can give better conversion rate.






9. Easy Checkout and tracking process:

While making an online payment every customer wants easy and fast process. The process should complete is easy and small steps. The customer should not take more than 1-2 min for doing any step.

E-commerce Conversion Rate




When a product is added to customers cart, it should go through the easy checkout process. The checkout button should be easily visible to the customer.

While the product is on the way towards the destination, customers should easily track their order.



10. Basket Analysis:

Basket analysis is one of the best things for better E-commerce Conversion Rate. According to the product in the customer’s cart, our system should offer them other products.

E-commerce Conversion Rate



Ex. If the customer has laptop accessories like mouse and keyboard then our system should analyze their basket and recommend them to buy other accessories with some discounts or with different offers. So that even customer didn’t buy anything at-least he will think about these recommendations.

Thus E-commerce Conversion Rate will increase easily.




These things should be considered while developing new online store. For continuing update of the store traffic and increasing E-commerce Conversion Rate, we can use an analyzing tool or skillful team which can take actions every single moment in your store.