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Google Hacked Scam: Google Doc Phishing Explained.

5.5 Million Gmail Users are under attack Gmail users are under attack in a gigantic phishing operation that’s spreading across the internet like a lighting. People took to Twitter to report receiving an email that looks like an invitation to join a Google Doc from someone they already know.   But when you click on the link to open the file. you are redirected to grant access to an app that looks like Google Docs. But is actually a program that sends spam emails to everyone in your mailing list, according to a detailed outlined of the attack on Reddit As...

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Google More Services That are Actually Usefull

Google …No need to explain it. From a child to old age, everybody knows google and it’s products. Google More is used by everyone directly or indirectly. Nowadays we can say that Google is our 4th basic need rather we can say it is getting the first position in human’s basic needs. A Real Geek can live without food for some time but it is just impossible without Google. Just think that, Do you know all things about google? Do you know all the products of google? Don’t worry guys…Today we are going to tell google’s more useful products that...

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Insta Lovers…Just Count Zeros in 700000000…!!!

Hello, Geeks, we are here to share the new exciting post only for you all. As it is our first post so we think that it should be loved by all. As everyone’s day starts with a social media and also end with it. Social media is becoming our basic need nowadays.We all have very fast and crowded life but still, we get some time for social media. Today’s post is about our most favorite social media. Most of the people start their morning with it. we all share every moment of life with everyone. Yes, That is our Instagram(Insta). We...

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